New repository for citizens’ digital rights initiatives

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 09:55

Forty-six citizens’ digital rights initiatives set out in a new repository.

The new municipal repository features 46 initiatives with the goal of highlighting what Barcelona’s civil society is doing to defend digital rights, such as the ethical use of data, access to knowledge and information for open digital protocols.

Presented under the title “Citizens’ digital rights ecosystem”, the initiatives are the result of a call to encourage and document the efforts of active organisations and movements in Barcelona in terms of the defence and promotion of digital rights. The result is a map which seeks to make them more visible and create synergies.

The idea is to add content for Barcelona’s participation in the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights, an alliance created with New York and Amsterdam in 2018 to protect people’s digital rights by proposing actions, laws, tools and resources for promoting digital sovereignty among the population.

The work and projects highlighted are based around the areas defined by the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights:

  1. Universal and equal access to the internet. Network neutrality.
  2. Digital privacy and data protection.
  3. Algorithms and fundamental rights.
  4. Democracy and distributed digital governance.
  5. Access to knowledge and information for open digital protocols.

The process will culminate with a public presentation to introduce the projects to people and create ties between different groups and stakeholders.

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