The new Cibernàrium in Nou Barris provides training to reduce the digital divide

Saturday, July 17, 2021 - 10:11

Cibernàrium. The centre comes in addition to the Cibernàrium in the 22@, between them offering over 360 activities.

Located in the Barcelona Activa Technology Park, the new Cibernàrium in the district of Nou Barris brings broader and better digital training to the city. A regular programme of more than 360 training activities will be offered between this new facility and the existing Cibernàrium in the 22@ area.

The centre has been revamped and has five technology classrooms with electronic devices, computers and digital whiteboards, with a capacity to provide training for over a hundred people simultaneously. Besides on-site training, an online programme also got under way in July and will be extended in September.

The new centre will be open on working days, from 9 am to 8 pm, with classes in the mornings and afternoons ranging from basic to specialised technology.

Bridging the digital divide

The Cibernàrium de Nou Barris is a local facility providing access to tech resources in the neighbourhoods. Its main goal is to combat the digital divide in all its dimensions, whether due to age, gender or socio-economic circumstances, and to prevent differences in access and knowledge from generating inequalities or exclusion.

Digital training

Basic training at the Cibernàrium in Nou Barris is completely practical, with short courses using practical examples, offered at different times and including personalised tutoring to guarantee learning among groups with the moist difficulties. The training is organised into three introductory training paths: computers, mobile devices and the internet and everyday applications.

Specialised training, also offered at the Cibernàrium 22@ in Poblenou, consists of a regular programme of over 360 different activities organised into seven themed blocks:

  1. Internet and leisure
  2. Marketing and communication
  3. Digital image
  4. Website creation
  5. IT and programming
  6. ICT and education
  7. Digital manufacturing and 3D

The centres also offer summer courses (e-Stiu TIC), tech dissemination activities (masterclasses, lectures and events to promote digital knowledge) and over a hundred virtual training activities.


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