Robotics process automation (RPA)

Reference framework

Administrative procedures are a specific feature of the public sector with a strong regulatory component, and considerable human resources and time are needed for carrying out the administrative digital transition. The robotics process automation (RPA) project was created under the auspices of the Digital Transition Plan with the aim of analysing the implementation of a pilot robotisation process at Barcelona City Council, to reduce response times to citizen requests while strengthening digital relations.


The aim behind the project is to provide the City Council with innovative solutions, such as increasing the quality of citizen help and information services and reducing human error in processes that are repetitive and with little added value, increasing the Council’s production capacity, for example in processing licences for café terraces, and increasing the guarantee and transparency of processes and ensuring coherency in the data processed. The purpose of this initiative is to free up the time that workers currently spend on manual, repetitive tasks that are of little added value, so they can devote their time to providing real value to the organisation and reduce the time it takes to respond to requests.

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