A strong community will bring about improvements and ensure the platform’s development is participatory.

The main Democratic Innovation project is Decidim. This is free software written in open code for transparent and traceable decision-making and participatory platform which enables monitoring of proposals, ascertaining their results and the responses of organisations and institutions using it.

Decidim is more than a software product. It is a digital and public democratic infrastructure which is constantly developing and extending. Barcelona City Council’s digital participatory platform ( is one of our main projects, including its extension to other local city councils (Terrassa, Sabadell, Gavà, L’Hospitalet del Llobregat, Badalona, Sant Cugat and Pamplona, to name a few) and institutions, such as the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Experts and the public can work with the platform at the SOM (Metadecidim Operational Sessions) and in the Metadecidim LAB, where the tool can grow and improve.

We want the public to be able to take part in the city’s public policies and we have, therefore, drafted a training project for digital capacity building trainers, for promoting a safe, empowered and critical ICT use, which is concerned about privacy and supported in free software, for political participation and activism.

Finally, we have a specific-research management, publication and dissemination project based on participatory collaboration, self-management of free commons open-knowledge tools, for publishing studies which explore aspects of active and direct democracy,  how to compensate for social inequalities in participation, digital participation mechanisms, participatory budgets, and participation of the elderly.

We are working on several lines of action:

  • Developing and extending the Decidim platform

  • SOM (Metadecidim Operational Sessions): participatory design of the platform

  • LAB Metadecidim, network research for networked democracy

  • Capacity building for safe, inclusive and radical participation

  • Management, publishing and dissemination of specific research

Notable projects

Initiatives for organising and systematising the city’s active participation.