Capacity Building

We educate in secure digital participation

On 4 and 11 May, intensive training focused on promoting safe practices for digital participation.

This formation has involved adult educators, digital facilitators, participation technicians from town halls or organizations that want to promote democratic processes. We have learned about the risks that citizens run when networking, and we have shared tools and strategies that can help us to have a digital life, guaranteeing a minimum level of privacy and security of our data.

We have also reflected on how we can use many online resources to facilitate citizen participation, taking into account how it should be the same, what criteria it should have, so that it generates quality spaces for all citizens.

The training line of the Democratic Innovation Area works in a training program for the training of trainers linked to information and communication technologies (ICT) and the promotion of citizen participation processes.

You can check the course materials in the repository of materials prepared by the Democratic Innovation Area.