Laboratory for Democratic Innovation

A common space for research by, with and for citizens on participatory processes, municipal democracy, social collaboration, data collection and information about the city, citizen empowerment, and collective and distributed self-organisation.

Barcelona City Council is actively working towards the opening and development of a Laboratory of Democratic Innovation in Barcelona to solve urban challenges in an intelligent, participatory and democratic manner, with special attention to problems of governance, social innovation and co-management of commons. In recent years, many other cities have already set up this type of citizen space to solve a wide range of problems. In Barcelona, taking advantage of the renowned trajectory of the Decidim project as a technopolitical device for democratic innovation, the Laboratory wants to articulate itself as a "lab" extension of the axes that make up the Metadecidim community and that actively participates in the collaborative design of Decidim.

The laboratory will be an open, participative and networked space that will offer space, resources, relational and symbolic capital, management services and financing for democratic and collaborative research and innovation. This space will be provided with shared public resources (spaces for workshops, auditorium for events and talks, etc.), and will be open and managed with the public, together with a digital and communication space of its own. It is projected as an accelerator of an economy of innovation services, an inter-institutional and social collaboration and a common public science space.