It gives new life to books gathering dust on the shelves. At the same time you can take home all those stories you still haven't read.

Discover bookcrossing at La Fàbrica del Sol.

Bookcrossing consists of leaving books in public places for other people to take home, read and then leave again. This initiative was launched on 17 April 2001 by Ron Hornbaker, who was inspired by a website that tracks banknotes: "Where's George?".

La Fàbrica del Sol has joined this initiative and invites you to take part. We have prepared a place where you will find books that have captivated many people and are now waiting to delight new readers. At the same time, if you have books at home that you no longer read you can leave them at La Fàbrica del Sol where they will become bookcrossing books, books destined to travel the world.

Each bookcrossing book has its own history. You can find out where it has been, who's read it and what they thought of it.

Have fun reading and pass books around!