Green areas and biodiversitat

The cities advance establishing an equilibrium among the urban activity and the with respect to the nature and to|in the biological diversity that is own for them. Barcelona promotes the preservation of the biodiversitat through programs of conservation of the flora and of the fauna, and of the habitats where they live. 
The green areas constitute places in|on the free air for the leisure and the promotion of the communal life. It is necessary to renaturalize the city, to broaden the urban green and to retrieve the traditional uses of the landscape of the urban periphery in order to achieve a serene environment, with agricultural zones, meadows and patches of forest.

Do you know which are the services that provide us the green areas in the city?

Do you know which profits it can bring us to work and to have care of one vegetable garden urban?

Do you know on which criteria organic agriculture is based and which are the health benefits and the environment?

Do you know that the bats control the mosquitoes?

Do you know which are the spices of fauna more emblematic of the city?

Do you know what are the differencies between the autochthonous spices from the exotic ones? Do you know which the problems associated with abandonment of the latter?

You know that a Sunday in month you can act as your house|home a garden?

You know that the program As|How Barcelona Works? does it|he|she offer activities and routes related with the urban green and the biodiversity?

You know that in the Barcelona map Sustainable + you can consult where there are amphibians, trees d?interès or other elements of the natural heritage|patrimony?

Do you know that the Plan of the Green and the Biodiversity describes the challenges, objectives and commitments|appointments to the municipal government in relation|relationship to|in the conservation of the green and of the biodiversity of the city?