Mobility and Public Space

To Free the streets from the overload that represents the excess of motorized traffic and to foster the equitable distribution of the public space is one of the goals of the sustainable mobility. The sustainable mobility searches to act|make as the city a healthy, safe|sure, cosy and efficient space, in which the neighborhoods move around at human speed. He|She|It prioritizes the displacement in foot, in bicycle and in public transport col•lectiu and the recovery|retrieval of the streets for the persons.

Do you know the advantages to go with bicycle for the city?

Do you know how the different uses ofspace in the city can be made compatible without losing quality of life?

Do you know which measures to adopt countries to make a tourism responsible at home ours and in other countries?

Do you know which criteria the rural tourism is based on?

Do you know that there is an ordinance about suppression of architectural barriers on the public way|railway?

Do you know which environmental and cultural routes you can do in Barcelona?

Do you know which advantages has to get around by public transport in the city?

Saps quins avantatges tenen els vehicles elèctrics a la ciutat?

Do you know that the Plan of Urban Mobility founds on the basis of 4 strategic axes|axles?

Do you know where you can reload your electrical vehicle?