Environmental quality and Health

The health of the persons is tied to the environmental quality of the environments where they live. The non healthy environments provoke illnesses. To attain a healthy environment it is necessary to reduce the environmental impact of the human activities. Improving the environmental quality of the urban environments spends|passes to take measures in order to reduce the pollution acoustic, luminous, atmospheric and electromagnetic, among other.

Do you know that there is a narrow relation|relationship between the health and the genre|gender of the persons?

Do you know what is the electromagnetic pollution?

Do you know that the booths|cabins of atmospheric control measure the quality of l?aire that we breathe in Barcelona?

Do you know that they are the sound landscapes?

Do you know that the Platform for the Quality of l?Aire proposes all a series of resources|appeals and videos to defend a clean air?

You know that in Barcelona there is a plan for the reduction in acoustic pollution 2010-2020?

Do you know where you can consult the sound levels of your street?

Do you know as|like identifying the chauvinistic violence?