Activities and formation

Do you know that l?energia can also be participative?

The Participative Plan of Energy) it is a plan of the neighborhoods of Sant Martí of Provençals, the Verneda and the Peace that has the objective of producing change of habits in the energetic consumption. The innovator of the plan is the fact that it is a matter of a participative plan, which includes the neighborhood, it|he|she fosters the formation|training and the participation|shareholding and on the rebound, it|he|she makes network|net and it|he|she makes neighborhood.

The promoting group of the project is formed for:


-Barcelona in Transition


-Agency of the Energy of Barcelona

-With the support of the Technical Secretary's Office of Agenda 21 and the District of Sant Martí

He|She|It consults the web of the PEP and inform of all activities that they carry out. And if you have desires to implicate yourself in it, safe|sure that you can take part in one of its|his|her|their working parties!