Activities and formation

Do you know that they are the sound landscapes?

He|She|It knows as a sound landscape (Soundscape, according to R. Murray Schafer, the first on to describe the concept) as|like the sound environment of a defined area, that is, the sounds of a landscape.

The sound landscapes can change a minute in the other one, change according to the place where we are|find and they keep on modifying with time. Some sounds get lost, some last, some are different nowadays that some years ago...

The sound, the acoustic environments and the sound souvenirs|remembrances are immaterial and oral cultural heritage|patrimony according to the UNESCO, and it already makes some years that the sound landscapes start to be recorded and catalog as elements of the collective memory.

From the program As|How Barcelona Works? the importance of the sound landscapes is brought to light through the block|blog of activities The beats of the neighborhoods. In these activities, you will be able to enjoy the most significant sounds of the neighborhoods of Barcelona without seeing them.