Do you know that every year it is celebrated the European Week of the Prevention of Waste?

The European Week of the Prevention of Waste (EWWR) it|he|she soars in year 2009. Is been of an initiative annual to promote activities and actions|shares addressed to sensitize the population regarding the waste, based on the philosophy of the '3rd' (To reduce, To Reuse and To Recycle) and focused, especially, to the prevention of the same ones. Moreover, a day|working day of cleaning (the Clean-Up Day) also coordinates, that they are campaigns of cleaning of different environments at European level and have the objective of visibilitzar the problems of the increase of the waste and the deficient management|formality of the same ones.

Each edition of the European Week of the Prevention of Waste turns about a subject matter in particular. The year 2014 was the alimentary waste, 2015 the dematerialization, in 2016 the prevention of the dangerous waste will be treated... The web page of the EWWR makes a series of tools and resources|appeals to go deep into the subject matter for the citizenship available all.