Basic advices to do a responsible consumption

Responsible consumption is a concept that defends that we have to change our consuming habits and to adjust them to our real needs and those of the planet choosing options which favour the environment and social equality, that is, that generate the minimal environmental impact and the maximum social benefits. Particularly, responsible consumption is linked to production, distribution and use and expense of products and services and provides the means for rethinking its lifecycle.

We live in a society that promotes an excessive consumerism with use and throw away politics and now, more than ever, the need of a profound change in our consumption habits is clear.

Some basic advices for a responsible purchase are:

Being informed about the basic aspects of purchasing and to choose the most suitable products to our needs.

- To buy only the necessary products that adjusts to our economic needs.

- To choose ecological products.

- To buy products in bulk, with little package or with materials easily recyclable and with low environmental impact.

- To avoid the use of plastic bags and of silver foil and to replace them with reusable bags and recipients to bring food.

- To avoid the purchase of products those contain toxic or dangerous substances for the health.

- To choose products of proximity to promote the local economy and reduce the costs and derivative impacts of transport.

- To choose products of fair trade to favour  local economies of Southern countries and to guarantee the labour laws of the workers of all the production line, distribution and commercialization.

- To put your savings in the ethical banking.

- To practice a form of tourism that does not has a negative impact neither in the receptive society nor in the environment.

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