Circular economy

Circular economy pursues the shift from the current linear economy (production, use and disposal), which causes depletion of natural resources and fossil fuels, to an economy where the word waste disappears and efficiency in the use of resources is established. Circular economy is considered to be the intersection of environmental and economic aspects, and is based on the Cradle to Cradle principles:

1. Health of the materials, for people and environment.

2. Reuse of materials, in biological and technical flows.

3. Renewable energy, which has to account for 100% of all activity.

4. Custody of water, which must always be treated as a valuable resource.

5. Social responsibility, advocating for cultural and environmental diversity.

In Fàbrica del Sol, we offer 6 visits and 1 workshop to understand the circular economy, to discover the destination of the materials and their reintroduction in the productive or natural cycles, and to understand the flows of materials in the city.

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