Code of Consumption of Catalonia

On the 23rd July 2010 the Law 22/2010, of 20 July, was published in the Official Newspaper of the Generalitat de Catalunya of the Code of consumption of Catalonia.

The object of the law is "to guarantee the defence and protection of the rights of consumers and to establish, in the territorial area of Catalonia, the principles and the rules that have to govern them in order to improve the quality of life of consumers", is an innovative text, regarding the format as well as regarding the contents.

Among the numerous innovations that the Code of consumption of Catalonia has incorporated it is necessary to mention that includes the definition of the concept of responsible consumption, which is understood in the following way:

“Moderate, informed, reflexive and conscious consumption of goods and services, taking into account cultural, environmental, socioeconomic and linguistic sustainability criteria”

It is also interesting to stand out that among the informative principles of consumption right is included the responsible consumption principle:  

Consumption relations have to fit to the criteria of rationality and sustainability related to the preservation of the environment, quality of life, cultural specificity, fair trade, accessibility, family indebtedness, admissible risks and other factors that determine an individual and collective socioeconomic development.”

With the inclusion of the definition to the Code of Consumption of Catalonia, the responsible consumption goes from being an aspiration of social movements and ONGs to a reality on the part of the legislation and of consumer rights.