Collaborative consumption

Collaborative consumption is an extended and varied movement that proposes to share, to collaborate and to access or to exchange goods and services instead of possessing them. It seeks passing from property to use. It would be the traditional way to share, to exchange, to rent, to give redefined through modern technology and communities.

Cars, washers, books, bicycles, clothes, CDs, electrical appliances, furniture, toys, and food... can be shared and also, use and throw away culture can be reduced through the exchange, reuse, second hand purchases and sales or donations between owners of different products.

Moreover, not only they can be shared or exchanged material goods. People with common interests are joining to share and to exchange less tangible goods like time, space, skills and money. These exchanges take place mainly in local areas or in neighbourhoods, where is  shared space to work (Coworking Barcelona ), to farm, the wifi (Fon), or money among individuals ( Comunitae ) or time ( Banks of  time).

In the web sites of Consumo Colaborativo and of the magazine Options there is extended information about different products, goods and services that can be shared, exchanged or rent. Decide to check them!

In the web site Uses of the Time of the Town Council of Barcelona you can consult different initiatives that are being carried in the city of Barcelona to share time.