Debris Management

Construction waste is the waste generated in a construction work or demolitions. They come, then, from building demolitions, from excavations of grounds and from the remains of construction materials or building, urbanisation, streets restoration.

Construction waste has its own program of management; this means that is differentiated from the rest of waste. This happens because of the high volume of waste generated in Catalonia.

The majority of construction waste is considered inert or mostly inert and because of that is not considered as a pollutant material. But it has a great visual impact because of its big volume, especially if its final destination is not the appropriate one.

Until not much time ago, construction waste destination was finalist (dumps), but during the last years the government is betting on prevention, recycling and re-introduction of this kind of waste as a resource in the productive cycle, applying the same philosophy that with other types of waste.

The responsibility of the management of debris and waste construction is autonomic, but waste from domiciliary minor works is managed at municipal level. In Barcelona, the debris can be brought to the Green Points of Zone and Its management as a municipal waste is regulated by the Barcelona Municipal Environment Ordinance of May 2, 2011 (TITLE 6. WASTE MANAGEMENT Chapter 7. Debris Management).