Electrical vehicles

Do you know which advantages have the electrical vehicles in the city?

The electrical vehicle is a vehicle capable of working with electrical energy and it is characterized by being on the electrical net nourished by a battery that is recharged through the connection. It presents a series of advantages and opportunities for the development of a sustainable mobility in our cities, since it allows a better integration of the renewable energies and a new positioning of the industry of the car.

Until now the sector of the transport was dominated exclusively by the derivatives of the oil, with the environmental consequences that cause the emissions of gases with greenhouse effect derivative of its use. In Catalonia, 28% of the total emissions of polluting gases comes from this sector.

The advantages of the electrical vehicles with respect to the conventional ones are:

- During their circulation they do not issue polluting gases that they affect to the health and provoke the global heating

- They do not produce waste like oils or filters that could pollute the environment

- Their maintenance is minor and cheaper than that of the conventional cars

- Associates with the consumption of this fossil fuel allow not to depend on the countries exporting of oil and to avoid the environmental and social consequences

- The cost of their reload is lower to that of the gasoline (the cost per kilometer appealed is approximately of 3 cents of euro instead of the almost 10 cents which it is difficult to make a kilometer of a car with engine of combustion)

- Almost they do not produce noise, so the acoustic pollution is reduced

- They allow to retrieve the energy of the braking for recharging their own batteries, helping to reducing the energy consumption electrical

- The tax of registration is free. In comparison, a conventional vehicle pays in annual way among 1.500 € and 2.000 €

- The tax of circulation IVTM is reduced or null, depending on each town council. In comparison, a conventional vehicle pays in annual way among 80 and 170 €

- Parking lot in blue zone with amounts and free or advantageous tariffs, with the card LIVE Barcelona, or with similar systems managed in a municipal way

- discounts of the 30% accumulable to|in other discounts in highways and other ways

- At present, there is valid Plan PIVE 5 for the purchase of efficient tourism and the Plan PIMA Air 3 for the acquisition of commercial vehicles, motorcycles and electrical bicycles

But they also show some disadvantages how they can be:

- Senior initial cost of acquisition

- Minor autonomy of displacement

- The system of electrical plugs|sockets still not standardized esta

- Scarce infrastructure of reload

- Little variety of models

- The domestic dockers have a high cost

- They use quite a lot the battery|heap of lithium that is very difficult to recycle

- The electrical energy comes on day of today mostly from non renewable sources of energy, how they are the nuclear power stations or the thermal

From the different administrations are being made efforts to foster the utilization of this type of vehicle since the advantages that they present, especially in the cities, are upper to the disadvantages.

In the web site of the Generalitat de Catalunya you can find information about the Plataforma Live (Logistics for the implementation of the electrical vehicle) in Barcelona and its metropolitan area. The Catalan High Institute of the Energy is also fostering the implantation of the electrical vehicle in Catalonia, as well as the points of reload and the economic|economical advantages in their purchase.

The Instituto para la the Diversificación y Ahorro de Energía has made a study about the implantation of the electrical vehicles in urban environments.