Encouragement of the citizen participation

On the website of the Barcelona City Council, Open Government, you will find projects, mechanisms and channels for citizen participation, as well as the regulations related to the participation and involvement of citizens in public policies.

The area of ​​Ecology, Urbanism and Mobility also promotes processes of citizen involvement. Such as superislands project, which has the involvement of neighbors, entities and groups or the bicycle strategy where different groups and associations related to this vehicle collaborate, among other projects.

Many of the initiatives related to the territory encourage the participation of the main social agents involved and thus are enriched by incorporating the practical and contextual knowledge of citizenship. Going a step further, some of the projects not only incorporate the vision of the social agents, but are based on co-responsibility. In these projects, both the definition and management of certain policies is shared responsibility between the city council and the citizens.

Check out the projects with processes of citizen involvement and participate!