The end of the electrical and electronic waste

Sometimes you have brought up where the computers, televisions and other electronic waste end up when any more we do not want them at home? How all know, the appliances and the electronic devices bring solutions to problems of the daily life and facilitate the communication and the technological development, but once they spoil or decide to change them for other with more contributions, electrical and electronic waste of devices (RAEE) are converted into . The RAEE are waste cataloged as dangerous since they contenen infinity of different substances, the majority toxic and in many cases their recovery or recycling is very low. In the Spanish State, more in 70% of the electronic waste they frequent in a way uncontrolled and in the case of the mobile telephones for example, just 5% recycle themselves and moreover not all the materials are achieved to recycle.

This type of waste they are the that they increase in a faster way in the world, to, an annual rhythm of 5%, since the devices have an every time shorter lifecycle because of the programmed obsolescence, an entrepreneurial practice that started at the twenties of the last century and that consists in designing and constructing objects of consumption with a relatively short useful life to encourage the consumption still more.

Often obsolete in few years, the electrical and electronic devices are recycled or are treated in controlled conditions in house of ours or they are exported to be treated or to resell them towards the countries of the South, in order to give them a second life. These loads, with the promise of a second life, often end, however, in dumps after being exported by men of businesses without scruples.

Unavoidably, in the electronic cemeteries of the countries of the South multiple toxic substances breathe –plom, mercury, cadmium- since this waste are not ordered of suitable facilities to be able to be, and become a harmful focus for the health of the persons as well as for out of the environment.

However, why Africa is our bucket of garbage? Mainly because the African countries do not have a legal frame that puts brake at the arrival of this waste, and Europe and United States use this situation for avoiding the high expenses of the recycling of this waste.

You can find more information about the RAEE in the web site of the Agency of Waste of Catalonia. In the web site of the ONG Greenpeace. In the web site of the ONG you can also brief of some strategies that they are being carried out to stop the impact of this waste.

And in Barcelona in the program Better than New, you will find support and free advice so that you can repair some devices and objects, besides shops of second hand, markets of exchange and repair shops for you.