The environmental impact of wipes

Wipes consumption has increased significantly in the recent years, becoming more common articles in the daily hygiene routines of many individuals and families. The problem appears when these wipes are flushed down the toilet, as they are responsible for blockages in the sewer, breakdowns in sewage treatment plants and the increase of prices on the sanitation process of wastewater. Many municipalities have reformed their sanitation ordinance to prohibit citizens to throw wipes down the toilet (from now on, will have to throw away in the wastepaper). The environmental ordinance of Barcelona, in the section on sanitation system (Title 5, Chapter 2) does not put special emphasis on the prohibition of discharging wipes into the toilet, but is very specific with other materials or products, such as paints or oils.

Facing an increasingly international problem, measures are already underway as the change in labels wipes packages (many already indicate that cannot be thrown in the toilet) or the introduction of new techniques in the treatment plants. It will be necessary, too, that we all do our part and remember that wipes, even the biodegradable ones have to go to the container rejection.