Faire trade and its products

According to the World-Wide Organization of the Fair Trade (WFTO), the fair trade is a commerce system based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks for a major equity in the international trade prioritizing social and environmental criterion above economical ones.

Fair trade contributes to the sustainable development because takes into account the environment and stimulate local economies of southern countries, while guaranteeing worthy work conditions of the workers.

Fair trade is a social movement that, through a commercial practice, a task of sensitization and a work of social mobilization, it aspires to change the current models of economic relationships and to participate in the construction of alternatives, that is, it searches to distribute equitably efforts and benefits.

The fight for a fair trade is for many organizations that dedicate themselves to it, a fight to change the unfair structures of international trade, where a few transnational companies that dominate multilateral organizations like the International Monetary Background, the World-Wide Bank, the World-Wide Organization of Trade and agricultural and commercial policies of the main governments, are promoting an unfair and unsustainable agricultural, commercial and consumption model.

The practice of fair trade has to be transparent, so that responsible consumers can appraise the coherence of the products that it buys.

Fair trade is not exactly a sector of activity but is part of a process of construction of a more equitable society.

The principles of the fair trade are:

- To correct the existing inequalities in the international commercial relationships.

- To promote more respectful alternatives of consumption based on the participation of people and communities.

- To guarantee fair wages for workers.

- To assure worthy work conditions.

- To protect children’s rights.

- To apply transparency in all commercialization processes.

- To guarantee gender equality.

- To safeguard ethnic minorities.

- Ecological sustainability.