Fountains and water spaces of Barcelona

The Com funciona Barcelona? Program of the Town Council of Barcelona offers routes and visits to the spaces of water and the more distinguished ornamental and public fountains in the city. Each of these spaces has a story behind for being explained. Come to discover them through guided visits in group. You will find more information in the website Com Funciona Barcelona? Camins d'Aigua.

On the Municipal Apps website of the Town Council of Barcelona you can download a mobile application with all the information of more than 1600 public use fountains that are found in the city. Moreover, it allows detecting in which place of the city you are and know the characteristics and curiosities of some of the most emblematic fountains that you can visit. Download the application Fonts BCN for iOS or Android. Very useful for sportsmen and sportswomen!

If you want more…

The Com funciona Barcelona? Program offers a route for families, a route to localize the water paths of the Gòtic neighbourhood. It's a gymkhana to discover the urban cycle of water using the smartphone and the Fonts BCN App. Follow the hints and find out the most emblematic public fountains of the city.

In addition, the website of Open Data Barcelona offers the possibility to consult data of the fountains and to download them in files to be able to treat them.