Household waste with asbestos

The asbestos is a mineral product very resistant which traditionally has been employed in the construction sector. The fibres of the asbestos are harmful to people’s health, causing respiratory problems, to avoid it, use, production and commercialization of asbestos is prohibited since 2002, but we can still find asbestos in buildings, roofs, pipes, etc., constructed, previously.

In order to avoid the generation of asbestos dust, if we want to withdraw some product that contains some, it is necessary to take the suitable measures and turn to specialized companies. Registered in the Register of Companies with Risk of Asbestos (RERA). Remember that asbestos can become a hazardous waste and harmful to your health!

At a particular level, in the case of small objects, such as, by way of example, planters, uralite slabs, water tanks ..., can be deposited in the Green Point of the Hebron Valley Zone but you must call before to go to the telephone 93 428 04 96 or send an email to to know how we must manipulate them.

It is very important not to ever leave this waste in the natural environment or in the public highway nor deposit it in the containers of the street.