Mitigation and emissions

You know that within the framework of the ?Compromís for the Climate?, Barcelona commits to the reduction d?un 40% of l?emissió of gases d?efecte greenhouse?

The Commitment|Appointment to Barcelona for the Climate is a document elaborated by 800 civic entities linked to the Barcelona network|net Sustainable +, signers of the Civic Commitment|Appointment for Sustainability 2012-2022, together with the Town Council of Barcelona. The Commitment|Appointment collects two main objectives related with the mitigation and the adaptation to the climatic change, taking in year 2005 and in 2030 as a horizon of reference. Regarding the mitigation, the objective is the reduction in 40% of the levels ofequivalent CO 2 per capita. In the area of the adaptation, the Commitment|Appointment brings up the increase of urban green in 1.6 km 2,that is, 1 m 2 for current inhabitant.

The document also includes a road map with every one series of projects and proposals to carry out in the next two years (2015-2017). The Commitment|Appointment to Barcelona for the Climate was presented to the Summit about the Climatic Change COP21 of Paris, and is the result of the networking, the civic corresponsibility and the participation|shareholding.