Municipal services

Do you know that in Barcelona there are a hundred parks and municipal gardens?

Urban, thematic, forest, historical parks, gardens for the biodiversity... In Barcelona, we have parks and gardens for all tastes there! The history|story of the parks and gardens goes very tied to the history|story of the city. The public green area as such turned up after the Revolution Industrial, moment in what|which the overcrowding and the pollution to|in the industrialized cores|kernels entailed the need of of healthiest creating zones of amusement and of making the city. In Barcelona, the creation of public green areas goes tied to the demolition|overthrow of the walls in 1854. Even so, the first public green area of the city, the Garden of the General, was created in the year 1816 (even though it|he|she disappeared in year 1862). Other historical moments of Barcelona they have gone accompanied of the creation of parks and gardens: the Universal Exhibitions|Exposures (1888 and 1929), the Olympiads in 92, the Forum in 2004...

The green zones have a principal importance in the cities, since on the one hand, they make of the city a place healthier and therefore, habitable, and for the other one, they are spaces of leisure, of relation|relationship and of physical activity in|on the air free.

He|She|It knows the parks and gardens of the city, love them and enjoy them.