Municipal services

Do you know which green point you have left more near house|home?

The Green Points are municipal facilities for the collection of waste of individuals and small companies. To the Green Points the waste is brought that can not be thrown away in|on the containers of selective collection of the street. Moreover, it is a matter of waste that for its|his|her|their characteristics needs a special treatment.

The use of the Green Points allows to improve the process of recycling and helps to preserve the environment.

There are Green Points of zone, of neighborhood, mobiles|motives and schoolchildren.

He|She|It consults the map that you will find to the aside of links. You will find where the green point more nearby to your house|home or your job is.

If the subject interests you, from La Fàbrica del Sol we organize visits to the Green Point of Neighborhood of the Barceloneta, and we visit the Cultural Association of Manufacture of the Factory of the Sun afterwards.