Parks and Gardens

Do you know which are the services that provide us the green areas in the city?

The frugal and gardens are spaces of nature that they find to in the cities and they have an importance vital for the inhabitants, the vegetation and the animals. But besides spaces of nature, in many cases also they have some intrinsic cultural, historical and artistic values, which by themselves make them very valuable.

Barcelona counts on an extensive net of parks and gardens that has kept on growing in important way, especially from the great urbanistic renewals of ends of the 20th century and principles of the 21st century.

At ecological level, these green areas are the great lungs of the cities thanks to their vegetal cover and convert them into habitable places. The urban vegetation balances the environmental conditions and gives a set of ecological services that improve the quality of life and the health of the citizenship.

The main values of the green areas in the city are:

- Absorb the dust and the polluting particles suspended on the air

- Through the photosyntheses free oxygen at the atmosphere

- They reduce the acoustic pollution

- They reduce the processes of erosion of the ground

- They regulate the level of damp of the environment and increase the urban comfort (insolation, shadows, colors and smells)

- They balance the cycle of the water

- They reduce the energetic consumption of the buildings

- They generate ecological connectivity and biodiversitat

- They propitiate the relations|relationships, the socialization and the participation|shareholding of the citizens

- They facilitate the leisure and the amusement

- They allow the realization of leisure activities

- Generate physical and psychic welfare

On the web de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona you can find all the information relating to historic parks and gardens, urban theme and most representative of the city, as well as schedules that close daily.

Barcelona also has a strategic instrument that describes the challenges, goals and appointments to the municipal government in relation to the conservation of the green and of the biological diversity and how the population knowing them, their having fun and its taking care, The Plan of the Green and of the Biodiversitat.