Do you know which electrical consumption you have?

To be able to save, the first which it is necessary to make is to know which consumption you have at home.

The energetic efficiency is a necessary step|passage to increase the levels of self-sufficiency|smugness of the city of Barcelona and to reduce the environmental impact of our society|company. The residential consumption of Barcelona represents a percentage of 30% of the total of energy consumed in the city and, therefore, to act there is very important. The sum of our individual actions|shares will allow us, to|in more of paying less in our electrical bill, to deepen the democratic sense|meaning of a based civic participation|shareholding in the learning and the conscious dam|dose|prey of actions|shares.

Your Virtual Energetic Advisor is a tool to your disposal|disposition that will inform you and will accompany you in the process of reducing the consumption of your home. We invite you to your being part of the Community of citizens who already save and you enjoy a more responsible consumption with all the ones of house|home of the many benefits|profits that it|he|she means. Discover it|him and Load yourself of Energia!

Without information people can not act. The Virtual Energetic Advisor helps you to understand your electrical consumption and accompanies you in the process of energy saving at home.