You know that in the Barcelona map Sustainable + you can consult where there are amphibians, trees d?interès or other elements of the natural heritage|patrimony?

The Barcelona map Sustainable + is an interactive resource|appeal at the disposal of the citizenship, created in a collaborative way between citizens, companies, entities and the administration, that shows projects and resources|appeals directed at making a city of Barcelona more sustainable in all its|his|her|their areas: social, economic|economical and environmental. On consulting the icon related to the natural and cultural heritage|patrimony, we will be able to locate easily reptiles or urban vegetable gardens, among|between many of other things, in the map to find trees of interest, amphibious. The Map includes many other places that contribute to Barcelona being, every time more, a fair, green and inclusive city. It is a matter of a map dynamic and open to everybody, so any person can take part in it and propose a point that is considered interesting. The civic participation|shareholding is nail for that the map grows and enriches, so you do not doubt on bringing your bead of sand.