Responsible tourism

Do you know which criteria the rural tourism is based on?

A modality of alternative tourism in the conventional one and more respectful with the environment the Rural Tourisme is. This manifests like "that touristic activity carried out in the rural space, structured by an offer of leisure, sent to a motivated demand by the contact with the autochthonous environment and that has an interrelation with the local society".

The rural tourism appears as a consequence of a revalorization of the rural spaces, since these offer us direct contact with the nature. It is a matter of spaces that offer, landscape quality, traditional gastronomy among other, attractive like the absence of pollution and noise.

On the other hand, this tourism takes shape as creator and dinamitzador of work and, therefore, contributes to avoiding the rural depopulation, since it allows, more of promoting the demands of infrastructures and services but that has to integrate into the environment without spoiling it, alternatives to the agriculture or the stockbreeding to obtain sources of incomes.

Probably the differentiating feature more important of this modality of tourism it is the desire to provide the visitors a personalized treatment, a sample of the physical and human environment of the field, and in the measure of the possible one, to allow to participate in the activities, traditions and lifestyles of the inhabitants of the place who develop a very important role.

Second the Institute of Statistics of Catalonia (idescat), the year 2013 the degree of occupation for rooms in the establishments of rural tourism of Catalonia was from 18%, nine tenth under the value registered the former year. The Costa Brava (23,8%), the Cost of Barcelona (23,2%) and Lands of Lleida (19,1%) overcame the Catalan average.

In the web site of the Rural Tourism of Catalonia you will find an extense information about the offers of rural accommodation for regions.