Services offered by entities of banking and ethical funding

The entities of banking and ethical funding offer bank and financial services that incorporate environmental and social criteria and promote fair relationships between the countries of the North and the South. Therefore they invest in projects that guarantee benefits for people and for the environment.

Some relevant characteristics of ethical banking are:

- Transparency: constantly inform to the clients and to the society about the investments that carry out the bank.

- Real Economy: stand aside from speculation and secondary markets.

- Social Responsibility: foment beneficial activities for the society.

- Sustainability: promote sustainable development through the own bank structure and trough the investment in specific projects.

Ethical banking is a sector that has increased favourably during the last years, and currently, in the Spanish State exist diverse banks regulated with these criteria as: Triodos Bank, Fiare, Coop57 and Oiko Credit.

We leave you a series of links where you will be able to find resources, materials and activities that these entities and others make available for everybody that is curious about ethical banking.