Urban fauna

Do you know which are the spices of fauna more emblematic of the city?

In Spite of the deep environmental transformations that suppose the cities and that condition hugely the type of fauna that they can accommodate, the city of Barcelona counts on some extense and diverse urban fauna.

Flora and fauna offer us in Barcelona a sample of how it was our nature before the housing development, and of the one that has kept on arriving to the city and has stayed it. They explain, therefore, a part of our story and of our identity to us.

The species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians that you can find are living that do not have very demanding needs and that certain favorable characteristics intend that the urban environment offers them: suitable habitats, availability of food, moderate climate and lack of predators, among other.

A Diversity of environments like the parks and gardens, the open spaces, the cliffs and the buildings habitats suitable for species of birds like the swifts, the crossbowmen or the kestrels are. The green frogs and the snakes of water use the spaces of water in the city to live there in a permanent way or for its|his|her|their reproduction. Also mammals like the bats and wild boars are very frequent and easy to observe in some green areas of Barcelona.

You can know the species of vertebrates more characteristic of the city in the web site of the Town Council of Barcelona.

In the web site of the Database of Biodiversitat of Catalonia you can consult the data base of all the species of flora and fauna of Catalonia and to that of l "'Catalan Institute of Ornithology (ICO) there is an extense information about the birds of Catalonia and the different projects of follow-up of this group of vertebrates. Encourage to collaborating!