Virtual water

We don’t have to think that the water we consume is only the one we drink or the one that we use for our daily life, like washing our hands or having a shower, but each of the products that we consume and the activities that we carry out have a high expense in this important and scarce resource.

Water is an essential resource in the production, manufacturing and distribution of each of the products and food that we use. This water is called "virtual water" because it is not directly seen and overcomes in a wide way our direct consumption. To measure it, is used the "hydric footprint", an indicator of the fresh water use in the goods and services consumed in a direct or indirect way.

If you want to reduce the consumption of water, your saving has to include the hidden consumption that you make when you buy a product. Here are some of the measures that you can adopt to reduce the consumption of virtual water:

- To make a responsible consumption, it is useful buying only those products that we really need.

- To choose recycled products which consume less water in their manufacture, or of long useful life, since its consumption of virtual water is comparatively lower.

- To reduce the consumption of meat, since for its production more hydric resources are needed than in any other food.

- To consume preferably local products, since like this you will avoid the hidden consumption of water associated with their transport.

- To avoid the products that contribute to the pollution of water, like those that use great toxic and/or dangerous amounts of substances in their manufacturing.

For more information you can consult the following link where also you can calculate the hydric footprint o "Water footprint" (in the English tab there is more information about the subject matter).