Visit Barcelona's cycle of water

If you want to know how the city works from the point of view of the cycle of the water, you cannot miss the activities of the environmental education program for groups of adults named How Barcelona works?

We will discover the visible and hidden landscapes of the water, and we will analyse how fundamental is the management of the hydric resources to reduce the impacts of the urban intervention in the natural cycle of the water. We will be able to visit the sewerage system of the city, the regulation deposit of pluvial waters, we will stroll for the most emblematic fountains and other water spaces of the city, we will know the functioning of the Magical Fountain and will be able to discover all the details of the water circle in the workshop about the consumption and uses of water in the world.

If you come with a family or a group of children and adults, you can also enjoy the views of the sewer system and a gymkhana route along the gothic waterways.