drets energètics
Fri, 11/30/2018 - 15:35

Thirteen cases against Endesa for non-compliance with the energy poverty law

Energy rights. The company faces fines totalling 430,000 euros.

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 16:03

More efficient waste collection which adapts to each neighbourhood

Waste. The new cleaning contract will be more flexible and transparent, applying new social and environmental criteria. It comes into force in the autumn of 2020.

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 16:32

Taking the smart city to the people with Smart City Week

Technology. Over fifty activities fill the city’s neighbourhoods to prompt reflection on the challenges, limits and opportunities offered by smart cities.

Wed, 10/03/2018 - 17:11

Citizen currency now in use in the Besòs area

Economy. The REC (citizen economic resource) currency is already being used by 86 establishments and 315 users.

drets energètics
Wed, 09/19/2018 - 13:47

United in the fight against energy poverty

Energy rights. The second edition of the Catalan congress on this issue is being held on 8 and 9 November and centres on joint strategies to stand up for energy rights.

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 15:15

Integrated management to avoid wastewater leakage when it rains

Environment. A pilot project gets under way to cut the impact of wastewater leakage caused by heavy rainfall by 30 per cent.

Tue, 08/21/2018 - 16:36

Fewer empty land sites and more public housing in Barcelona

The new measure promotes the active use of land sites and the fight against the speculative retention of housing estates.

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 10:56

The right to disconnect: debate in NY City

Work. Apart from the need or not of a law that guarantees the right to disconnection, experts reaffirm the need to develop a culture of non-invasive work with spaces and times of non-work of people.

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 20:41

The proposal to set aside 30% of new flats for protected housing moves forward

Urban planning. The measure is the result of an initiative by social entities standing up for the right to housing.

Episodi de contaminació per PM10
Wed, 04/25/2018 - 11:40

Activation of pollution episode protocol for high levels of PM10

Contaminació. Temporary measures are in place to cut the high levels, such as more intense watering down of streets and the prohibition of municipal activity which generates dust.