Guide for guaranteeing LGBTI rights in companies

18/12/2019 - 17:18

Business. The publication is a tool to help organisations build sexual and gender diversity into their labour policies.

Six out of ten LGBTI people hide their sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace and between 85% and 90% of trans people are jobless because of prejudice. The guide to LGBTI good practice for companies which has just been published offers a reference document to guarantee respect for sexual and gender diversity and the protection of LGBTI rights.

The sixty-page guide offers companies advice in diversity management, equipping them with tools for managing talent and recruitment, staff promotion and management, business management policies, possible partners in this area at an international level and recommendations for contracts and external communication.

The publication also encourages companies to spread social commitment and demand that providers and company representatives to work together for equality in opportunities, the inclusion of diversity and non-discrimination.

The guide aims to highlight how diversity, rather than a complex challenge for management, is an opportunity for companies. Various studies provide data in this respect and show that 85% of companies believe that diversity generates more innovative ideas, and that 82% of committed people prefer to buy goods and services from LGBTI-inclusive companies.

The free guide is available at Barcelona Activa’s Business Support Office and can also be downloaded from the Barcelona Activa website.