“La ploma als carrers”, the new programme of activities organised by the LGBTI Centre.

24/05/2023 - 10:01

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre is organising a new series of activities entitled “La ploma als carrers”, which will run until July  

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre is organising a new series of activities entitled “La ploma als carrers”, which will run until July  

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre presents the programme “La ploma als carrers!”, with a series of activities that will between from May and July 2023 that aims to throw the Centre’s doors wide open, reaching beyond its walls and getting out into the fresh air to fill the streets with camp vibes and demands. 

Opening the programme of activities will be the exhibition “Cora. Canvia el món si canvio de gènere?” [Cora. Will the World Change if I Change My Gender?] by Argentinian photographer Gabo Caruso, which will be open to visitors at the Centre until 29 July. The exhibition takes a visual journey through the years, and through Cora’s universes, to reveal a reality that is scarcely visible, one that historically has been hidden: transgender childhoods. 

 On 1 June, Gabo Caruso and Ana Valenzuela, Cora’s mother and president of the Chrysallis Association, an association for families with trans children and teenagers, will give a presentation and provide a guided tour of the exhibition.  

We’ll continue with our in-depth exploration of LGBTQIA* childhoods with the round table “Infàncies LGTBQIA+. Experiències i dissidències trans*”, [LGBTQIA* Childhoods. Trans Experiences and Dissidences] where experiences of dissident childhoods will be shared. Butch, dykes, poofs – bis and trans will be sharing, from a trans* present, trajectories and experiences related to sexual and gender dissidence, to make sure that no LGBTQIA+ childhood is forgotten. 

The theme of childhoods will continue at the Centre with a stroll “under the stars and with your bum out of the water”, something Liu likes to do. They’re the main character in a family storytelling session that invites an exploration of the multiple possibilities that exist in the diverse world of gender identities that surrounds us, from the perspective of a small person facing questions asked by adults. The story “Liu” (published by Bellaterra, 2021) was written by Isa Sina, illustrated by Laura Gallofré and designed by Lidia Sardà, and the storytelling will be brought to life by Isa Sina and Gigi la Fox. 

Given its previous success, the Putibarcelona trans* route through the streets of Barcelona with Violet Ferrer from Tirititranstranstrans will continue. This is a route that reveals a secret city that you won’t hear about anywhere else, and that traces the history of a Barcelona that has been a privileged witness to the struggle of the LGBTIQA community, especially trans women, to win rights that have not yet been achieved.   We’ll also be talking about the book “Mis recuerdos”, by Abel Barbin (Temporal, 2023), based on the testimony of Adelaïde Herculine Barbin and translated by Alex Gibert, to take a closer look at intersex experiences. 

And we’ll delve into the world of Federico García Lorca with the play “Lorca”, by Joel Minguet, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the poet from Granada.  

We will also be organising a day of work and meetings in which museums, civic centres and other cultural facilities will exchange ideas on how to build a cultural programme that includes an LGBTIQA+ perspective, and reaches all the districts of the city. 

The programme will also include the screening of the documentary “Una ciutat de mussols”, [A City of Owls] that takes us to Tarragona at the end of the dictatorship. Twelve people from the LGBTQIA+ community walk through a city that is sometimes dead, sometimes secret, in a tribute to those who laid the foundations for the community’s freedoms.  

All the activities organised by the LGBTI Centre are free of charge and open to all until capacity is reached, with the exception of the workshops, routes and technical seminars, which require prior registration via inscripcions@centrelgtbibcn.org.