Music, workshops and art work to celebrate the first anniversary of the LGTBI Centre

02/01/2020 - 19:46

The events will take place on Saturday 18 January from 11 am to 10 pm, coinciding with the start of the Festa Major de Sant Antoni.

Putochinomaricón, ¥ € $ Si Perse, Äadrik Synth and Romeromartín are some of the musical proposals of a day in which the work of different artists, workshops and family activities will also take centre stage.

Art work, workshops, family activities and music. The LGTBI Centre is celebrating its first anniversary on 18 January with a special programme intended for the general public as a whole. The activities will turn the Centre and Carrer de Borrell into a space full of creativity and assertation. Brigitta Lamoure will be the master of ceremonies for the day. With her typical humour and irony, she will guide us through the different activities.

From 11 am, the inside the LGTBI Centre there will be various works for us to reflect on. Artist David Macho, for example, will reproduce a large canvas painting in the Great Hall that will claim the post-millennial universe and references to pop. In addition, in the auditorium you will be able to see audiovisual projections with different views on the value of the festival as a cohesion ritual. For its part, the LGTBI Centre team will promote a participatory mural so that everyone can leave their mark in the form of a message.

The programmed works also include Extinción (12 pm to 2 pm and 7 pm to 8 pm), a performance about the strangeness of our own name and the arbitrariness of its meaning, and Come out to show them (6 pm to 7 pm), a piece of work that claims the possibility of living between the cracks of an oppressive system. In addition, throughout the afternoon, you can watch the travelling performance El consultori mòbil de la pitonissa Lucero de Alba.

The anniversary of the Centre will also be a new opportunity to visit the “Gent positiva [Positive People] exhibition. HIV and AIDS, Local Stories of a Global History”.

Music and poetry

The stage located on Comte Borrell Street, between carrer Campo Sagrado and carrer Parlament, will present most of the music programme for the 1st anniversary of the LGTBI Centre. The band Chica Charcos will be responsible for opening it with Con katiuskas y a lo loco (12 pm), a musical theatre show full of humour and rebellion. L.A.S. DJs will take over so we can dance until lunchtime.

The afternoon will begin at the Space for the Centre’s non-resident entities with Poetry jam for future (4 pm to 5 pm and 8 pm to 9 pm), a poetry recital by the collective ExpresArte, supported by the Anti-Rumour Network.

From this same room, Orgull Ràdio, the new LGTBI radio, will be doing a special programme involving LGTBI artists and activists.

The outdoor stage will be reactivated with Äadrik Synth (5 pm to 7 pm), a DJ and music producer whose sessions intertwine nu-disco, funk, house and indie beats. At 7 pm, the music will be moved inside the LGTBI Centre with Jonás de Murias, who will perform a recital in which “song” dialogues with electronics.

In parallel, the ¥€$Si Perse DJ set (7 pm to 8 pm) will fill the street with futuristic beats far from stylistic labels. These two countercultural souls will give way to the concert of Romeromartín (8 pm-9 pm) and his flamenco 2.0, capable of defying all prejudices with the amalgamation of electronic sounds and dissident poems.

Putochinomaricón (9 pm to 10.30 pm) will be responsible for closing the anniversary of the LGTBI Centre with a DJ set specially prepared for the occasion.

Activities for everyone

Children and adults. Everyone is invited to join in for the anniversary of the LGTBI Centre. Therefore, throughout the day there will be different activities and workshops specially designed for the family audience.

Embrutafils has prepared El gènere és un pegat (1 pm to 2 pm and 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm), a street screen printing workshop that lets you get to know the screen printing process on canvas, paper and other materials as you explore and question the established sex and gender system.

You can also participate in Queer food i te la menges (1.30 pm to 3 pm), a family activity of queer food for tasting and eating together, with the help of Guerrilla Food Sound System.

In the afternoon, after xocolatada popular (5 pm), Personaje Personaje will invite us to participate in the family activity Colorete Colorado, which will make us reflect on the gender stereotypes present in our culture.