Exhibition. Can be visited in person until 31 December and in its digital version on the centre’s website.

In “Un sol moment. Relats sobre la identitat de gènere”, the photographer Álvaro García approaches the reality of nineteen people who question, deconstruct and give answers regarding their gender identity through disciplines as different from one another as music, performance, fashion and interpretation.

Curated by the Associació Cultural Berdache, García’s photographic-research project is the basis on which the LGBTI Centre has broadened a multimedia project. In this virtual environment, snapshots co-exist with the writings and narratives of the initiative’s central characters, reflections that reveal experiences of migration, activism, processes for self-acceptance, relating with the environment etc.

In addition, the producer Aldemar Matias’s camera will transport you to ten safe and confident environments that will immerse you in the personal reflections of the ten people taking part. Their thoughts revolve around issues such as the diaspora, the city as a safe space, constructing gender identities during adolescence, affective relations and precariousness, to give just a few examples.

Photos, texts and videos make up a small generational portrait of a group of people who, despite their very different origins and references, have one feature in common: the city of Barcelona as a space where they defy the boundaries of the sex-gender system.

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Fotografies, textos i retrats documentals composen el nou projecte expositiu que acull el Centre LGTBI, dedicat a la construcció de la identitat de gènere.

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