2 de October de 2021

Remembering Antonio Machado’s ties with Barcelona

Democratic memory. A new commemorative plaque has been installed at the Mercat de Canyelles.

30 de September de 2021

Remembering Sonia Rescalvo Zafra

LGBTI. Ceremony to mark thirty years since the death of Sonia Rescalvo Zafra, the transsexual woman murdered by a fascist group in 1991.

22 de September de 2021

“Memory: absences and presences”, the LGBTI Centre’s new programme of activities

We look back at some of the most decisive spaces and stages in the evolution of the LGTBI movement, and pay tribute to the contributions made by different key figures.

16 de September de 2021

Goobye Reis Catòlics, welcome Elisa Moragas

Democratic memory. The change to the name of this street in Vallvidrera pays tribute to the teacher born in 1927.

31 de August de 2021

Marta Marín-Dómine, the new director of the El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria

Democratic memory. Up to now she had been running the Laurier’s Centre for Memory and Testimony Studies in Canada and had been a lecturer at a university in that country.

21 de July de 2021

Commemoration of the Great Gypsy Round-up of 1749

Historical Memory. Ceremony to unveil an information panel and a talk on 30 July, at the Convent de Sant Agustí community centre.

2 de July de 2021

Working group to introduce LGBTI democratic memory in the city

LGBTI. A working group will be set up on LGBTI democratic memory.

29 de June de 2021

An activity cycle to stand up for housing rights movements

Democratic memory. The main activities in the cycle include the installation of plaques and information panels, routes and itineraries, debates, exhibitions, community art displays, murals and the publication of works.

28 de June de 2021

Plaça de Sonia Rescalvo Zafra

The entire square located inside Parc de la Ciutadella and housing the bandstand where Sonia Rescalvo Zafra was murdered will be named after her.

18 de June de 2021

Barcelona to host the International Archive Congress 2025

Archives. The event should bring together over 3,000 people specialising in archives, record management and data management.

14 de June de 2021

Memorial plaque for Joan Brossa and Pepa Llopis

Culture and free time. The commemorative plaque was installed at the house where the poet and the cultural activist lived as a couple.

Relats Revelat
22 de April de 2021

A photographic stroll through everyday tales of Barcelona people, with ‘Relats Revelats’

Photography. The exhibition for people to discover the photographic collections of the district archives will be on at various community centres over the course of 2021.

Retirada de l’escut de Joan Carles I de l’obelisc de la plaça del Cinc d’Oros
17 de April de 2021

Shield for Juan Carlos I removed from the obelisk in Plaça del Cinc d’Oros

Democratic memory. The removal of the shield comes within the context of the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic.

15 de April de 2021

Three information panels to regain the memory of the republican Barcelona

Democratic memory. Commemorative information panels have been set up at three city spaces created during the Second Republic.

14 de April de 2021

Community activist Emília Llorca gets a street named after her in Barceloneta

Feminism and women. The former Carrer de l’Almirall Aixada now bears the name of the founder of the Associació de Veïns de l’Òstia.

9 de April de 2021

The Republican Spring 2021 reaches all ten city districts

Democratic memory. The city’s districts host various activities from 13 to 18 April to mark the proclamation of the Second Republic.

Berta Cáceres
20 de March de 2021

Memorial for the feminist and environmentalist struggle of Berta Cáceres

Berta Cáceres memorial. The lectern was installed at a ceremony to mark International Women’s Day in the district of Sant Martí.

18 de March de 2021

‘The City of Shelters’: a journey around the underground Barcelona of the Spanish Civil war

Democratic memory. The new website documents 1,322 air-raid shelters using an interactive map.

7 de March de 2021

More names of significant women in public spaces

Feminism. Six outstanding women form the fields of teaching, literature and medicine will give their names to streets and squares in the city.

5 de March de 2021

‘Women Photographers in Barcelona’, an exhibition in front of El Born CCM

Feminism and women. The exhibition ‘Women Photographers in Barcelona’ is on in front of El Born CCM until June.

2 de November de 2020

Exhibition "Un viatge fotogràfic. La construcció del Poble Espanyol"

The journey that made possible the construction of Montjuïc's Poble Espanyol

22 de October de 2020

‘Model, batega!’, the winning project to transform the former prison

Urban planning. The priority is to open up space for use by local people, preserve historical memory and create public housing, new facilities and a park.

17 de August de 2020

Homage to the 17th August victims

City Council. A minute’s silence and a wreath in memory of all the victims of the 2017 terrorist attack along the Rambla.

16 de July de 2020

The Great Gypsy Round-Up and the Porajmos, the Roma people’s silenced history

Commemoration. Screenings and conferences on 30 July at The Born Cultural Centre.

Medalles d’Or al mèrit cívic a l’Amical de Ravensbrück i a l’Amical de Mauthausen
29 de April de 2020

Gold medals for civic merit to the Ravensbrück and Mauthausen friends’ societies

Democratic memory. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps.

27 de April de 2020

Building a collective memory of the lockdown with a participatory documentary collection

The goal is also to enable city residents to leave behind a record of what in a few years’ time will be worth remembering, going beyond what the media or official sources say.

17 de March de 2020

Decree to guarantee essential services during the state of emergency for COVID-19

Stay at home as much as possible. For any queries call 010 and if you feel unwell call 061.

29 de January de 2020

Seven candles for the eleven million victims of the Holocaust

Democratic memory. The Nazi camps were liberated 75 years ago this year.

25 de January de 2020

Remembering the victims of the Holocaust, seventy-five years on

Democratic memory. ‘Auschwitz today, 75 years on’ is being held at El Born CCM and is the first of this year’s commemorative events.

11 de December de 2019

Hanukkah in Barcelona

Judaism. Pl. Sant Jaume will be the meeting point for the celebration with city residents.

5 de November de 2019

Gràfica anarquista. Fotografia i revolució social 1936-1939

The historical weight of anarcho-syndicalism in Barcelona

31 de October de 2019

Art and reflection at El Born CCM to mark 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

Democratic memory. The project will continue until 2021 and be a focus of attention and thought linking Barcelona with the German capital.

Homenatge Brigades Internacionals
26 de October de 2019

Homage to the International Brigades which fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War

Democratic memory. Ceremony for justice, responsibility and gratitude towards volunteers from around the wold who fought to defend republican values.

8 de October de 2019

‘Barcelona Flashback’: an exhibition for discovering the history of the city through a hundred objects

Culture and free time. This artistic project by the MUHBA offers a means of interpreting history by interrogating architecture, neighbourhoods and landscapes.

3 de October de 2019

Memòria Viva, a project to recover popular memory in the city

Democratic memory. El Born CCM is hosting a string of activities and cultural practices rooted in everyday life and the local territory from 13 to 19 October.

Persones grans LGTBI+: 50 anys de lluita per la visibilitat i la no-discriminació
30 de September de 2019

‘LGBTI+ senior citizens: 50 years of struggle for visibility and non-discrimination’

This Friday, 11 October, an event to mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots will be held at the Barcelona LGBTI Centre.

Rainer Huhle
28 de August de 2019

Migrant rights as the focus of the lecture for 11 September

Catalan National Day. The political scientists Rainer Huhle will be analysing migration policies in Europe since the construction of the Berlin Wall.

7 de August de 2019

Work starts on the monument to the Les Corts women’s prison

Democratic memory. The memorial complex was proposed by local residents, several organisations and associations and former inmates.

Les imatges aèries dels bombardeigs dels dies 16, 17 i 18 de març de 1938 evidencien l’horror global dels atacs que va viure Barcelona aquests tres dies. (Arxiu fotogràfic del Centre d’Història Contemporània de Catalunya)
4 de August de 2019

How Franco prepared the city in case Spain entered the Second World War

Air-raid shelters built under the dictatorship once the Civil War had ended have been located and documented.

Memorial 17 A
31 de July de 2019

Full support for the victims from 17A

City Council. The Care and Assessment Unit for People Affected by Terrorism (UAVAT) has helped 210 people affected by the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

31 de July de 2019

The courtyard at La Model opens up to the street

Urban planning. Three new windows in the wall allow passers-by to read the verse “Más allá de los muros, la calle”, painted in the courtyard.

10 de July de 2019

Archaeology students investigate life before the 18th century in El Born

History. The fourth edition of Arqueoborn includes training sessions and guided visits.

Fotografies  Esther Medina (ATICS, SL)
7 de June de 2019

The first grave from the Spanish Civil War to be unearthed in the city?

Memory. The remains will be returned to their families if their identity can be ascertained.

13 de May de 2019

Public competition to transform La Model

Urban planning. The goal is to preserve historical memory, open up a space which is current enclosed, create green space and introduce facilities and public housing.

8 de May de 2019

Barcelona pays homage to the Women of Ravensbrück

Memory. The event represented the first meeting in Barcelona of the children and other descendants of women deported to the concentration camp.

6 de April de 2019

Barcelona marks the centenary of the ‘Canadenca’ strike

Memory programmes. A memorial plaque remembers the workers’ mobilisation which achieved the eight-hour working day.

5 de April de 2019

The metro line that never was

Memory. Underground structures located from the unfinished metro project below C/ Nou de la Rambla from 1931.

1 de April de 2019

Feminism, anti-racism and ecology feature strongly in the Republican Spring

Memory programmes. The fourth edition of this cycle based around culture, reflection and historical memory offers over twenty activities between 6 and 14 April.

27 de March de 2019

Evaluation board set up to recognise victims of reprisals during the late Francoist period

City Council. The committee will analyse applications from people who suffered repression between 1960 and 1978.

12 de March de 2019

La Model exhibits the 160 Francoist housing plaques now removed

Memory. The exhibition ‘Deconstructing Francoism. Symbols of the Dictatorship in Barcelona’ opens on 15 March.

4 de March de 2019

Homage to the victims of the 17A attack with a memorial in La Rambla

Memory. An inscription on the pavement near Pla de l’Os reads “May peace cover you, oh city of peace”.

3 de March de 2019

Forty years of democratic municipal councils

Memory. A cycle of activities marks the 40th anniversary of the first democratic municipal elections.

17 de February de 2019

New street names for Príncep d’Astúries and Secretari Coloma

City Council. Local residents’ organisations have promoted the changes to Riera de Cassoles and Pau Alsina, respectively.

14 de February de 2019

Remembering those executed by Francoist firing squads at Camp de la Bota

Memory. The wall at Plaça del Fòrum bears names and surnames to remember the 1,706 people executed by the Franco regime between 1939 and 1952.

31 de January de 2019

Account of the feminist struggle during the post-Franco era

Feminism. The women’s days held in Catalonia in May 1976 provide the starting point for this account.

1 de January de 2019

La Model to get a new auditorium for the neighbourhood

Urban planning. The former prison has also now got panels offering historical information, helping to enrich visits to the site.

19 de December de 2018

Common front in the city to illegalise the Fundación Francisco Franco

Memory. Broad consensus between municipal groups, historical memory and human rights organisations in the city after the foundation announces its intention to open a delegation in Barcelona.

4 de December de 2018

Housing, facilities and historical memory in the La Model of the future

Urban planning and infrastructures. The former prison’s transformation into a citizen space includes public housing, local facilities and a large green area.

5 de November de 2018

Justice and making of amends for LGBTI victims of reprisals by Francoism

LGBTI. The laws on ‘layabouts and crooks’ and ‘social dangerousness’ condemned homosexuals and transsexuals.

24 de October de 2018

Recognition for victims of reprisals during the late Francoist period

City Council. A board made up of specialists will analyse and assess applications to gain a declaration.

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