Municipal Institute of Barcelona Markets

The Barcelona Municipal Market Institute (IMMB) was set up at a meeting of the Full City Council in 1991. There was a broad consensus for the decision among municipal party groups, as well as among market traders. The Governing Board is made up of representatives of the market traders, the political parties and the local authority.

The IMMB was set up as an autonomous body, responsible for the direct running and administration of the municipal markets, but it depends on Barcelona City Council for the approval of its regulations, appointment of its officers, opening and closing markets and approving major alterations.

The IMMB has two basic tools at its disposal for modernising the markets: the new municipal byelaw and the new management models. Modernisation which includes improving the Market Service, maintaining the commercial share, managing diversity and unifying commercial regulations.

Thus the IMMB's work is focused on three areas: improving market infrastructures and services, modernising their product range and introducing commercial promotion policies.

All that without forgetting that running the markets calls for a new model in the 21st century, adapting them to their environment and recovering their civic role in creating cohesion.