Barcelona markets

Barcelona is a city of markets and these facilities have left imprint on the character of the city and its inhabitants. Since its appearance in buildings constructed specifically to shelter them and provide the best shopping experience, the markets have become a benchmark of life in the neighborhoods of Barcelona. We can say that his soul is in one of the few cities in the world that can boast a market network distributed so that all neighborhoods have one nearby.

Barcelona markets not only provide an experience of living for citizens but also become engines of neighborhoods in leading their trade. They are a key to economic development and job creation in each district.

Besides synonymous with the values ​​associated with social, cultural and environmental markets work in favor of the quality of life, while promoting a healthy and balanced diet, but also introduced new services according to the needs of business century.

Look, therefore the future, not to turn their eyes to the past as the buildings that housed are a reflection of the history of the city and its citizens. Some buildings are undergoing a major renovation and modernization process to be more competitive and offer hers that the public demands.

But above all, the markets are the people and the relationship between that work and that they provide. Market traders bring their professionalism and quality customer trust and loyalty. The locals proudly speak of 'their' market of 'their' fisher, 'his' fruit and market vendors strive every day to offer the best product and service.

Buy market reflects a lifestyle totally committed and connected to the Mediterranean model: healthy food, local produce and friendly environment. For its promotion of fresh, quality and varied and healthy markets are the best choice for health citizens increasingly attentive to their diet and good nutritional habits.