Barcelona Market Model

A model which is putting the markets through an important modernisation and remodelling process and which promotes a series of changes aimed at creating more competitive municipal markets, with modern facilities and the services citizens demand.

This model is being successfully exported both nationally and internationally. As a result, the Municipal Institute of Markets of Barcelona has seen a significant increase in requests for advice on markets both in Catalonia and the rest of Spain, as well as at international level.

This is also reflected in Barcelona's leadership of the European Network of Markets, Emporion, Barcelona's network of municipal markets joining the World Union of Markets (WUWM) and Mercats de Barcelona's leading role in the European project Med Emporion.

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The tasks of the IMMB include producing studies on Barcelona's markets, advising other municipal entities on issues relating to markets and trade, and participating in Barcelona City Council's studies on issues that affect the whole city.

Gathering news on the international activity carried out by the Municipal Institute of Markets, which includes advising, or exchanges with, other markets, its participation in the European Network of Markets Emporion, the World Union of Markets (WUWM) and the Med Emporion projects.

Since it was established, the IMMB has been working to modernise and remodel Barcelona's markets in order to adapt the commercial supply and infrastructures to the demands of citizens. This process has led to the so-called model Barcelona de remodelació (Barcelona remodelling model).