One of the fundamental tasks that the IMMB has been carrying out since it was created is the modernisation and remodelling of the markets, as part of the municipal policy to boost local commerce.

This process, which has been agreed upon by the traders of each one of the markets and involves their active participation, starts by analysing the evolution of trade and how to adapt the markets to make them commercially competitive and meet the demands of citizens.

The modernisation of a market involves adapting the commercial range, infrastructures and services to meet demand, and is the fruit of commercial and social studies conducted within the sphere of influence of each market.

It is developed in accordance with the so-called Barcelona remodelling model, and involves a number of levels of intervention:

  • Restoring the architectural value of the building and its artistic features.
  • Redefining the combination of shops (commercial mix), adapting it to make it commercially sustainable and introducing new operators to complete the offer.
  • Moving the market's logistics underground and creating parking spaces and unloading bays where possible.
  • Selective waste collection and environmental commitment.
  • Promoting the markets through commercial promotion and communication campaigns and through the publication of their own media.

Following this model of action, over the last few years the IMMB has modernised 19 of the markets in the network of 39 found in Barcelona and has altered the landscape and the use of the markets of Barcelona with the introduction of supermarkets, services, etc. Two newly created markets have also been opened -Fort Pienc and Marina- and the Barcelona remodelling model is beginning to be applied in some of the city's most emblematic non-food markets, such as Encants Vells - Fira de Bellcaire.

Markets being remodelled

Vall d'hebron Market

Abaceria Central Market

Sant Andreu Market

Bon Pastor Market

Sant Antoni Market

Remodelled markets

Encants Barcelona - Fira de Bellcaire

El Clot Market

El Ninot Market

Guinardó Market

La Barceloneta Market

La Concepció Market

La Guineueta Market

La Llibertat Market

Les Corts Market

Poblenou Market

Provençals Market

Sant Martí Market

Santa Caterina Market

Sants Market

Sarrià Market

Fort Pienc Market

La Marina Market