Home delivery service

Many of the city's municipal markets have worked hard to introduce this service, to give themselves a competitive edge and broaden their shopping options. Seventeen Barcelona markets now have the service, which involves taking goods customers have bought at the market to their homes.

There are two types of service: centralised and individual. In the case of the former, it is the market itself that arranges home delivery of orders made at its stalls, through its information and collection point. In the latter case, it is the stallholders who offer the service on their own initiative.

The following markets centralise home delivery: Carmel, Clot, Concepció, L'Estrella, Horta, Llibertat, La Mercè, el Ninot, Sagrada Família, Sant Antoni, Santa Caterina, Sarrià and Vall d'Hebron.

Besides providing customers with a convenient way to shop, the markets that offer this service are also performing a social function with employment companies for people with mental disabilities. The associations working with these markets to provide this service include Grup TEB and Taller-Escola Barcelona at Concepció; Fundació Tres Turons at the Horta and Vall d'Hebrón markets and Tallers Bellvitge at the Clot, Sants, Llibertat and Sarrià markets.

The markets offering non-centralised home delivery are Lesseps, Sant Gervasi and Felip II.