Barceloneta Market

The complete modernisation project was an initiative of the IMMB agreed with the traders, included in the Municipal action plan 2004-2007. The works, which got underway in July 2005 and were completed in March 2007, were carried out by the company Nesco.

Technical specifications

  • Preservation of the market's original iron structure from 1884. Maintaining the vault.
  • Increasing the singularity of the building through the creation of a pergola connecting the market and the square.
  • Fully integrating other structural features into the public space (steps, ventilation grids, entrance ways,etc.).
  • Restoring traditional features (floors, marble and structure).
  • Light covering of metal panels with thermal insulation. False ceiling with a metal mesh that creates a reflective effect. Zinc-coated metal pieces in two different tones.
  • Installation of 180 solar panels, arranged into eighteen rows of ten on the roof, which generate 30 kw/h, 40% of the market's power needs.


The market has new services and infrastructures: parking, new drainage system and lighting, a hillock with an events hall and a self-service Caprabo, so that local residents can do all their shopping in one go.

As well as air conditioning, lifts, service lifts and two underground floors which house the loading bay and storerooms for all the establishments, the new market complex also includes two restaurants.