A delegation from Mozambique visits La Boqueria and Sant Antoni

The Mayor of Maputo, David Simango, heads a delegation that has come to Barcelona to find out first hand how our city's markets operate and are commercially run. They hope to use this experience back in their own country.

The Mozambique delegation visited the Boqueria and Sant Antoni markets, meeting representatives from both.

At La Boqueria the visitors from Mozambique met director Agustí Herrero, to find out "how the market has adapted to the wave of tourism and managed to achieve co-existence between the traditional market and its new users".

Previous Barcelona-Maputo joint activities

Following the floods that struck Mozambique in 2000, a Barcelona City Council delegation visited the capital, Maputo, to make the first contact and assess possible humanitarian aid in response to this disaster

During the Council's previous term of office, when the 2006-08 Master Plan was in force, contacts with Maputo's authorities were strengthened. They had always shown great interest in drawing up agreements with Barcelona and this led to a visit by a Catalan delegation in June 2006, to begin a dialogue and study the Maputo's requirements for entering into serious cooperation with our city in the future.

On 6 September 2007, the then Mayor of Barcelona Joan Clos and the Mayor of Maputo, Eneas Comiche, signed a Protocol of Friendship and Cooperation between the two cities. The Protocol is still in force but expires in 2011. The aim was to initiate collaboration with Maputo in the areas of cultural amenities and administrative organisation.

Several lines of direct cooperation between the two cities have been started under this Protocol. These include setting up the Municipal Archives and a document management system; training seminars for staff at Maputo City Council; the redevelopment of the Ntsindya Cultural Centre; studying the prospects of the Baixa dóna Cidade neighbourhood, possibly redeveloping Av. Samora Marchel; signing an agreement with Barcelona City Council and the United Nations on funding mine-clearing in Mozambique, and so on.

Visita Maputo