Direct economic impact of Barcelona's Network of Municipal Markets

Conducted with the specific aim of finding out the volume of economic activity and of analysing expenditure in municipal markets, it puts the markets' turnover at between 950 million and 1.1 billion.

To achieve the specific objectives, the following aspects were taken into account: economic indicators (turnover volume, number of employees, evolution of turnover and employees), characteristics of the establishments (product category, surface area, possession regime) and the profile of the operators/traders (socio-economic, length of time with establishment in the market and name of establishments) as well as an analysis of the receipts and profile of consumers.

In relation to the operator profile, the study provides information on aspects such as the average age of traders, the age of the establishments and any reforms that have been carried out; where they come from, the future prospects of the business, customer volume and average monthly sales.

With regard to customer expenditure, it includes information on monthly expenditure on food, loyalty to particular stalls on the market, how often customers shop and their average expenditure, among others.


The conclusions, which show that Barcelona's municipal markets have a turnover of between 950 million and 1.1 billion euros, also highlight the fact that Barcelona markets' market share with regard to fresh food produce is between 30% and 35%.

Other aspects highlighted in the conclusions include the fact that Saturdays are the day with the highest average number of customers, that the most widely purchased products on the market are fish (78%) and meat (74%) and that 60% of market customers shop at the supermarket found in the market (in cases where there is a supermarket) while 40% also shop at the shops around the market.